Trading Post

We are also involved in the fur industry on a couple of different levels. We operate a humane trapline in the provincial forest and farmland.  We are also involved in the purchasing and processing of all wild fur-bearing animals that have been harvested in a legal and licensed manner, these animals are purchased in the whole or partially processed condition from trappers, predator hunters and Saskatchewan Residents.
The animals must be handled properly in the following manner.  Whole animals must be frozen, in good condition, be of the season, and stored in an area as not to be in sunlight, as this may cause spoiling often referred to as green belly, and hair slip. Repairable bullet holes are acceptable.

We keep close track of animals in this condition and will no longer deal with the party supplying this kind of condition.

Seller must possess a Saskatchewan Fur License (available on line or at and license vendor)  or have a treaty card number or free native fur license. NO EXCEPTIONS !!!!!!!!
Please treat our natural resources with respect and make every effort to harvest them humanely!!!!!!
Please support Saskatchewan Trappers Association by purchasing a membership.
Please support your local Wild Life Federations.
Both of these organizations are working hard , so the next generation will be able to enjoy our natural resources too!!!!!!